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Brief is the necessary information so that we can design a logo with which you identify; logo, which as best reflects the character of what do you do and will be well perceived by your customers.
Your answers to the questions below will be very helpful, so before you start working on your logo we will ask you to prepare a brief.


1. The name included in the logo.

2. Additional text that is a permanent part of the logo.

Often a regular part of the logo is the tagline / motto that define the company's mission.
This is not a mandatory part of the logo.

3. Does the logo should be a textual or pictorial.

The logo may occur in three forms:
— Only the symbol or logo mark;
— Only text (logotype);
— Logo mark and logotype at the same time.

logo logotype difference

4. Suggested colours of the logo.

5. What are your suggestions regarding the logo.

If you have your own idea for the logo, you can submit.

6. Where logo will be used mostly?

— Printed materials.
— Web pages.
— On cars.
— On clothing.
— On other things.

7. Describe briefly what you are doing.

Tell us on what market you operate, what characterizes your business, what is the main message / mission of the company.

8. How is your company, service and product different from the other companies, services, products?

9. Describe your ideal client.

His gender, age, interests.

These questions are only ancillary questions. In preparing the brief all the hints and observations will be significant.