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Personalized printing. What should you know to avoid any problems?

Personalized printing. Pre-print

Sometimes there is a need for pre-print on our home or office printer.


Where there is a need for additional data, e.g. certificates, diplomas, coupons, discount cards or ID's.
This calls pre-print.
In those situations standard printing might be not good enough. Why? The key is well chosen paper.
Here are the most common problems you may encounter when you want to take advantage of standard print-outs to pre-print:
— Printing that smears using inkjet printers.
— Different types of damage to the paper under high temperature, as in the case of laser printers.

The solution to these problems is how we can see properly matched to the type of printer paper.
Here are some tips.

For inkjet printer users:
1. Securities coated, painted satin papers are certainly not suitable for pre-print.
2. Paper protected with films, whether matt or glossy certainly cannot be used for those either.

For laser printer users.
1. In case of too thick paper is not properly warmed up, printing cannot be done.
2. A coated paper or secured by various types of foils could not be used for laser printers either.


For inkjet printer users.
We guarantee a properly selected paper for printing that will not be smeared. We offer a weight of 300 gsm ideal for all kinds of diplomas or certificates, discount cards or badges.

This is an uncoated paper, wood-free, with the highest coefficient of white. The high brightness provides excellent contrast for text and graphics. It works great in print of any stationery. It increases volume and thickness, although weight 300 gsm, provides a feeling similar to offset matt.

Our offer: 500 qty, one side, 300 gsm, Price: £129.00

For laser printer users.
For Laser printers we offer standard uncoated paper weights up to 170 gsm.
Occasionally the paper may be thicker; you might want to check the technical specifications of your printer.

Our offer: 500 qty, one side, mat, 170 gsm, Price: £99.00

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