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Logo design prices
£179 Creating a website is a project difficult in its valuation. Prices are approximate.
Price £179, is the price for a full-featured online service that consists of:
— Individually designed layout,
— HTML code - home page of service and 10 additional web pages.

£50 Extra charge for each additional 10 web pages.

£150 CMS Content management system.
This is additional software that allows you to make changes to the content of the website.

£50 Web hosting is a guarantee of the availability of the website on the internet.
Service does not include registration of the domains.

More complicated Web pages are related to additional services, which can only be priced individually:
Search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizes website for search engines.
Programming. Increasing the functionality of the website with interactive elements such as newsletter or comments.
Multilingual website.

Below you can find step-by-step overview of how the work doing the standard website.
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1. Define objectives to be fulfilled by website.
This is the basic question that you should ask yourself before starting work on the website.
Whether a website is to promote services, products facilitate contacts with customers, show current events or information?
To the main objective should be subordinated all other activities: from the preparation of materials through the functionality of the web site itself.

2. Collecting of material.
According to the findings above, all materials should focus on the central objective.

We accept text only in electronic form. It should be prepared carefully without: typos, spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors.
The material should be logically divided so that it can create the content of individual pages.
Already at this stage you should also consider the search engine optimization (SEO).
Content should be prepared especially for those words or phrases that are relevant for visitors to the site.

Every website should have an individual title and a short description.
Preparation of these elements is also part of completing materials.

Photos and other materials.
Before we start working, you must also provide all photos, sketches, diagrams and materials.

You should also establish whether the service will be updated, how, and how often. This makes it easier planning of navigation, if in the future will be expanded.
Work on the website will begin after the all materials had been completed.

3. Graphic design.
After completing all the material we begin to work on the website.
The first step is to prepare page layout.

Technical side.
Graphics of modern website must be scalable.
Elements of the page should be designed for working with the traditional computing mouse but also with touch devices.
The website should fulfil technical and functional requirements.

Grid based website design allow to precisely arrange page elements.
We also use other composition rules for example golden ratio and rule of thirds.

The text is an extremely important part of most websites, which is why we take special care to properly choose the font: their size and character.
Text should be legible on large screen and on smartphone screen.

Colour schemes.
Colour is also an important element of the website.
When working with colour we use existing rules related to for example the complementary colours, opposing colours and colour schemes.
A well-chosen colour also depends on whether the website will be readable.

Designing each website we take into account the all elements mentioned above.
We do not use templates, so your site will have individual character.

4. HTML code.
After accepting the graphics design we begin working on the HTML code.
At this stage, there is no possibility of major changes of website graphic design.

Web sites from the programming site are based on the HTML language.
The HTML code is the language which is understood by web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. They can in-terpret it accordingly, so that the end user receives running website.
We design with regard to HTML5 and CSS3 code.

HTML code should comply with several requirements:
Scalability. The website should display correctly and esthetical on all devices: laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones.
Versatility. The page should display correctly regardless of the type of browser Chrome and Opera.

Work time on a standard 10-page service should not exceed 7 days.

5. Placing corrections and approval.
At this stage, the corrections consist in to removing any technical problems and small modifications to the content.

6. Delivering finished website.
If not specified otherwise, ready service will be sent in digital compressed .zip file, contained folder structure with fully functional service. Service will consist of the HTML documents, css files with style sheets, and graphic elements as an integral part of the service.
On request we can send service on selected FTP server.

As an additional service we also offer web hosting.

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